What To Look For When Buying A Cat Condo

Buying A Cat Condo

It’s easy to get carried away when buying a cat condo. There are some really attractive units that you just know your cat will love!  There are elaborate towers and trees that have multiple levels, hammocks and hanging toys for your pet to play with.  Before you spend a lot of money on that new special gift for your kitten, make sure you have done a bit of research.  You don’t want to have buyer’s regret after you set up your purchase.

Tips For Buying A Cat Condo

Step one when it comes to buying a cat condo is pretty basic.  Size matters and is very important when you are choosing the right tree or condo unit.  While there might only be 6 to 7 pounds difference in the weight of a medium cat and a large cat, that difference is important.  Larger cats need a larger condo unit.  It’s simple to see once you set up your condo tower and tree.  On the flip side, smaller cats may be intimidated by a really tall tower and have problems climbing up the different tiers.  Make sure you have a size appropriate condo setup for your pets.

Size is also important if you have more than one cat.  Cats can be playful and active with each other.  Having two or three kittens decide that they want to jump on the tower all at once can be disastrous.  If they hit at the same time you might have 50 plus pounds of kitty hit your condo and a small unit won’t do well with that.  Check the dimensions of the tiers and the condo rooms.  Are they big enough for your pet?  Pet experts have a lot of stories about how good intentions can go wrong.

Choosing A Cat Condo

Safety First!

While the size of your cat condo is important, the anchoring system is just as critical.  A small unit probably won’t have, and won’t need, an anchor system.  It’s low to the floor and is designed for one cat.  Your pet would have to work pretty hard to knock it over.  Plus, even if the unit toppled with your cat at the top level, the fall to the floor isn’t dramatic.  Most smaller units are as wide as they are tall and are very sturdy.

A tall, multi-level cat tower is different.  It’s base may be the same size as a small unit’s but it might be three times as tall.  Taller means less stable and less stable means that you need to take special care.  Most tall cat towers will come with a series of ties, clips and brackets that are designed for attaching the unit to a wall.  Some can be attached to a window frame or door frame.  You need to take full advantage of these anchors to make sure that the condo never tips over.  It could cause damage to your furniture, the tower itself and, most importantly, your beloved pet.

Check The Materials Being Used

Your cat will be spending a lot of time (hopefully!) on this tower so you want to make sure it is made from quality materials.  Rugged sisal should be used for any scratching poles and ramps.  This durable material will give your pet traction but will stand up to the fiercest scratching.  Don’t settle for burlap or other woven fabric.  Once your cat has snagged a thread it will be able to shred the rest of the pole or ramp in no time.

The material covering the tiers and rooms should be soft, plush and easy to clean.  Poly fabrics are best for staying clean and are easy to clean.  Some of the more expensive towers will have wool blends being used.  They will make you feel good because they are natural fabrics but you will have problems cleaning.  If the fabric can absorb stains and odors you will need to do extra work to keep surfaces clean and fresh.

Buying a cat condo also means looking at what toys are attached.  Most multi-level towers will have dangling toys to amuse your pet.  These toys should be well attached to the unit.  Your pet will be inclined to grab it and pull and it needs to be clamped on to the unit really well.  Make sure the toy doesn’t have any sharp edges, a swatting paw doesn’t need to get cut.

A good pet owner knows that they need to supply their cat with some basics.  Besides buying the best food they will want to make sure their cat has a good litter box, solid vet care, a clean litter box and some toys.  Buying a cat condo is a great addition for your cat’s pleasure and comfort.