We Like The Yaheetech Cat Tree Condo

Yaheetech Cat Tree Condo

We review a lot of cat condos and we really like the Yaheetech Cat Tree Condo. It’s sturdy, it’s very well designed and your cat will love it!  It’s amazing how much use your cat will actually get from this outstanding pet playhouse and  cat tree.

Our Review Of The Yaheetch Cat Condo

A cat condo is designed for a cat to climb, play, perch and rest on one of the assorted levels on the tree.  This means that you, as a good pet owner, need to make sure that you are choosing a cat condo that is sturdy and safe.  Just because the unit looks good doesn’t mean that it is safe for cats of all sizes.

First, let’s look at safety.  Cats tend to be fearless and don’t always realize that they are in trouble until trouble is actually upon them.  One way that a well made cat condo can help your pet avoid miscues is to have a large, sturdy base.  The base on this unit is almost 20″ square, meaning that it won’t tip over easily.

Another safety item to watch for concerns the materials used to make the tree.  This unit has skin friendly coverings everywhere and uses a sisal rope for clawing and scratching.  Your pet can scratch to its heart’s content and not do any damage. Sisal is almost indestructible and even the most aggressive cat will be foiled by this material.

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Keep Your Pet Amused

Cats are curious creatures, any cat owner will tell you that.  They can find great fun with the most mundane toys and a good toy will keep them amused for a long time.  The Yaheetech cat tree condo can also keep your cat amused while it is keeping it safe.  There are two fun, interactive balls located on different levels of this tree and your cat will love batting at them and pulling at them.

This well designed cat condo has two hideaway rooms that allow your cat to have a bit of privacy while still keeping watch on the room.  There are also three good sized perches at different heights that your cat can claim as viewing posts.  All of the levels are covered with the sturdy, skin friendly covering that will keep your cat safe and last for a very long time.

Yaheetech 54in Cat Tree Tower Condo Furniture Scratch Post for Kittens Pet House PlayAny Drawbacks To This Cat Condo?

While we really like this cat condo, it is not perfect.  It requires assembly (most units will require some assembly) and the instructions are a bit vague.  The covering, while plush, will collect cat hair and does require constant cleaning.  It comes in two sizes and the small size is not appropriate at all for adult cats.  You need to pay attention to the different sizes when ordering and make sure you get the proper unit.

Despite these few drawbacks, this is a very good cat condo and we recommend it highly.  It’s well built and a very good value.