Upsky Cat Toy Roller Review

Upsky Cat Toy Roller

The Upsky cat toy roller is one of the oddest looking yet most popular cat toys to be found on Amazon. Cats and kittens are challenged by the colors and noises offered by this toy and it will amuse your pet to no end.  Experienced pet owners know that a good cat toy needs to both amuse and challenge their pet and this odd looking toy does both things very well.

Why Your Cat Will Love the Upsky Cat Toy

It’s probably safe to say that none of your cat’s other toys will look anything like the Upsky cat toy roller three level turntable.  The toy itself is a stacked piece with three separate levels that have multi colored balls on them.  On top is a cure cartoon head that rotates, giving your pet one more thing to play with.  Interactive toys are wonderful for cats and this is interactive on every level.

This stacked toy is made from scratch-resistant plastic and comes in 5 bright, fun colors.  The base is non-stick.  Even an aggressive cat will have a hard time scratching or tearing this toy apart.  It’s surprisingly easy to put together, it will take less than a minute for you to stack each column and load the balls.

Cat Toys Don’t Need To Be Complicated

Cat’s don’t need high tech toys and this is definitely low tech.  The surface is glossy and lets the balls roll easily across the top.  Every time your cat whacks at the ball, the call and the tray moves, your pet has to start over.  The glossy surface also makes for easy clean up, something that is often overlooked by toy manufacturers.

The Upsky cat toy toller turntable is designed to keep the calls moving.  At the same time it keeps them from popping out.  You don’t want to be chasing balls all over your living room, they will stay in the turntable despite your pets best efforts.  The balls are also quite quiet, you won’t have a lot of squeaky sound while your pet is playing with this toy.

There aren’t many downsides to this toy.  It retails for around $11, doesn’t need batteries and is easy to assemble.  Your cat may get bored with it after a while, but then cats do get bored with everything after a while.  If you want a really challenging interactive toy, you can’t go wrong with this great item.

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