The Upscale AnnToo Interactive Rotating Cat Toy

AnnToo Interactive Rotating Cat Toy

What, exactly, is an interactive rotating cat toy? I’m a good pet owner, does my cat really need another toy to amuse itself with?  The AnnToo interactive rotating cat toy is more expensive than most toys, but you may be surprised at how many hours of fun your cat will get out of this unique toy.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself spending a lot of time watching your pet play with this toy!

What Is An Interactive Rotating Cat Toy?

Taking good care of your little kitten or cat is job number one.  While you know the obvious parts of cat care include food and shelter, another are is their mental well-being.  This means that you need to amuse and challenge your pet and keep them on their toes.  That’s where this very unique multi-featured interactive rotating cat toy comes into play.

This is a deceptive looking item.  It looks like a couple of ATV tires with a cannon on the front, but in reality it is a programmable interactive toy that you can set and leave alone for hours while it amuses your pet.  There is a series of colorful lights that will grab your cat’s attention, noises that will challenge them and a feather toy that will be focus of their energies.  And, as mentioned, you’ll get a kick out of watching this in action.

But What Does It Do?

There are two small motors that power this toy.  They can be programmed to turn on and off at set times, making the toy move, flash and make noise.  Sensors keep the toy from running into objects like furniture or a wall and also make the toy’s movements unpredictable.  Noises that sound like a mouse will squeak out erratically, and the flexible feather toy moves, bobs and weaves to challenge your pet.

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You can program this toy to run for an hour, then to stop for an hour.  Your cat can’t make it stop and start so the challenge is to be ready!  There is a small hiding place for food and treats and it’s up to your cat to be able to chase the toy and get the treats.  You have three settings to choose from so you can have the toy work when you want it or set it to automatically turn on in an hour.  Think about the times you leave you pet alone and wonder what they are doing.  With this toy you can set the program to start operating in an hour and know that, at least for a while, your cat got up and had some exercise and play time!

What Are The Drawbacks?

First, this is an expensive toy.  $45 is a lot to pay for a toy for a cat, they often are amused for hours with a piece of string.  Secondly, it moves around a lot and you need some space for this toy to work properly.  There are noises and lights and you will always know when you pet is playing with this unit.

That said, this is a really fun toy that will challenge and amuse your pet for hours.  The programmable piece is wonderful, you can set it to work while you are gone and your pet will be surprised by a working, moving toy.  Interactive toys are wonderful for making your cat think and react, they stay sharper and healthier that way.  It’s a good investment if you have a cat that gets bored and acts out.

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