The Rotating Butterfly And Ball Kitten Toy

Rotating Butterfly And Ball Kitten Toy

Why should you pay attention to a rotating butterfly and ball kitten toy? It sounds mindless, but that might be exactly what your cat needs.  Amusing a cat or kitten may sound simple but, as most people know, cats are finicky and operate in their own world.  Having unusual toys that not only amuse them but challenge them can go a long way towards having a very happy cat.  A bored cat is usually a cat who is causing problems.

What Is A Rotating Butterfly And Ball Kitten Toy?

Cats and kittens love interactive toys.  They are sometimes confused by them but almost always challenged by them, making them excellent tools to help keep your pet amused.  Your pet deserves the best in care and keeping their minds stimulated is a great way to keep them healthy and happy.

A rotating butterfly and ball kitten toy is an automatic interactive toy that will not only keep your pet busy and amused, it will also keep them guessing and stimulated.  It’s a 2-in-1 toy that can be used as three different toys for your cat.  Like humans, your pet needs to work on hand-eye coordination and this toy is perfect for that.

The base has a track that has moving balls.  The rolling balls will intrigue your cat and encourage it to pounce, leap or nudge the balls.  The turntable rotates and the balls move to lure your pet into action.

The removable top piece has the butterflies that will also entertain your kitten.  The butterflies will rotate, dip and swoop unpredictably.  This action gives your cat a lot of movement to try and pounce or swat at.  The unit is battery operated and will run automatically.  You can set and go, leaving your cat to try and conquer those crafty butterflies.

Multiple Challenges For Your Pet

This rotating butterfly and ball kitten toy is different from other toys in that you have options when using it.  You can set up the balls on the track as a single unit, you can set up the butterflies as one toy or you can combine the two units into one single toy.  These combinations allow you to keep the toys fresh and different in your cat’s mind, boredom should never set in.

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You can also introduce pet treats into this toy and use them as a reward for good behavior or for figuring out the toy.  Adding a few pieces of dry cat food into some of the balls can make a brand new game for your cat.

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