The Pawstory Cat Tree And Tower

Pawstory Cat Tree And Tower

The Pawstory cat tree and tower may be the perfect small cat condo for your pet. While it isn’t very tall, it has a lot of fun features that your kitten will love.  This multi-level cat condo is designed for small to mid-sized cats and will amuse your pet for hours on end.  Climbing on this tree and condo unit will challenge your cat and keep them from creating too much mischief.

The Pawstory Cat Tree And Tower Is A Great Smaller Cat Condo

Many of the more popular cat condos available are tall, take up a lot of space and are designed for bigger cats.  That’s usually no problem, even small cats are able to enjoy a bigger cat tree.  However, it is nice to have a unit that takes up less space while still having enough features to amuse your pet.  That’s where the Pawstory cat tree and tower shines, it is a very good, moderately priced smaller cat tree.

Good cat trees and condos do two things very well.  First, they challenge your pet.  Different levels, hanging toys and crawl spaces keep your cat interested in what they are doing.  Second is the ability for you cat to get away from things.  They may use the hammock, snuggle into the small room or perch on the top level to remove themselves from any hubbub or chaos going on around them.  Even though this is a smaller unit, it lets your cat do all of those things.

Challenge Your Cat!

Even though this tower is only 35″ tall, it has 5 different levels for your cat to explore.  The main level has a walk-through room that is big enough for most cats to lay down in.  A small second level is fun for your cat to jump on while the third level offers them a chance to smack around the toy ball hanging near it.  The top level is a wide perch that will let your cat sit comfortably on while they survey their kingdom.  It is also the access point to a comfy hammock that is a step down.  Like good interactive toys, this tree will be a challenge to your cat.

Pawstory Cat Tree, Cat Tower with Sisal Scratching Post for Indoor Cats, 35

Most of the tower is covered with a plush, soft fabric that is resistant to tears while offering a lot of comfort.  Two scratching poles are covered with sisal and will hold up to the most determined scratcher.  Two cats can easily use this tree at the same time, there is a surprising amount of space for them to romp around on.

There Are A Few Negatives That We Should Mention

While this is a very good smaller cat tree, there are some things that you need to consider before buying this unit.  It is small, much shorter than many cat condos available.  That can be important if you have a very energetic cat who needs something that will challenge them physically.  Smaller is size means that it is for smaller cats.  Two 18 pound cats will not play nicely on this cat tree.  Some pet owners have complained about the assembly instructions, although there isn’t a whole lot of assembly to be done.  We do agree that the instructions are a bit vague.

Pricing for this tower is reasonable but not necessarily inexpensive.  It will usually retail for around $60, meaning it is a decent value but not a great one.  If you have limited space and only one cat, this might be a very good option.  However, if you have a couple of active, larger cats you probably need to look at a larger unit.

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