The IMUsee Large Cat Tree

IMUsee Large Cat Tree

The IMUsee large cat tree is a very good multi-level condo for bigger cats. While it is a large piece of furniture, it will do a good job for smaller and bigger cats.  It’s also a great condo for multiple cats to play on, it is large enough to handle three to four cats at one time.  Your cat will be challenged by the many levels that can be climbed.  Even really bored cats will be amused by this cat condo and climbing tree.

The IMUsee Large Cat Tree With Multiple Tiers

Multiple tiers is the obvious feature with this condo tower.  Counting the two hammocks there are 11 tiers for your cat to play and lounge on.  Pet owners are very aware of how quickly cats can get bored but there are a lot of places to explore on this tower.  Even the most finicky of cats will need some time to check out all of the levels as they climb all over this condo cat tree.

While you want to amuse and challenge your cat you also want to make sure that they are safe while using their tower.  You probably have heard stories of cat towers tipping over, or maybe you have had that happen in your home.  Tipping towers are dangerous and you want a unit that is stable.  This is a very stable unit.  It’s well designed and the base is solid.  Even a couple of leaping cats won’t be able to knock this tree over.

Some Features Of The IMUsee Large Cat Tree

Besides being a really safe cat condo, the IMUsee large cat tree offers a lot of attractive features for you and your pet.  11 levels of fun are complimented with 10 separate scratching posts.  These are covered with a tough sisal fabric and will withstand the nastiest clawing that your pet can offer.  Cats love toys and there are three separate ball toys hanging from different tiers.

All of the tiers and the hammocks are covered with a plush, cozy fabric that is easy to clean.  The front ramp is solidly attached and will hold the weight of even the heaviest of cats.  You will want to attach this unit to a wall for the best support.

IMUsee68 Inches Multi-Level Large Cat Tree for Large Cats/Big Cat Tower with Cat Condo/Cozy Plush Cat Perches/Sisal Scratching Posts and Hammocks/Cat Activity Center Play House/Grey

Any Negatives?

This is a big unit and is not meant for small spaces.  You will want to attach it to a wall for the best support.  It’s also heavy, it weighs over 60 pounds.  It is a piece of furniture and will overwhelm a small space.

That said, if you have large cats this is an excellent cat tree.  It is more expensive than smaller condos but it will work well with three to four cats and is excellent for large cats.  It’s well made and is worth the money if you need something for a larger cat.

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