The Feandrea Multi Level Cat Tree For Large Cats

Feandrea Multi Level Cat Tree For Large Cats

Large cats will love the Feandrea multi level cat tree and condo. Even the most finicky cat or kitten will be challenged by this great cat condo.  With multiple levels, two rooms and assorted dangling toys, your pet will be constantly amused and satisfied with this great cat tree.  Some smaller trees don’t work well at all with large cats.  This unit isn’t like that, it is perfect for bigger cats.

Large Cats Will Love The Feandrea Multi Level Cat Tree

Condos and cat trees that are designed for larger cats need to have a few basic features.  Obviously it needs to be larger than a standard condo, you are trying to make a special space for bigger animals.  It needs to be extremely sturdy and safe.  Larger cats mean that there will be more weight on the levels and more weight shifting when the cat leaps or jumps.  An unsteady platform could lead to disaster.  Luckily, both of those issues are solved by the Feandrea multi level cat tree.  It’s as solid as a rock and will stand up to any cat attack.

The base of this unit is good sized and stable.  Measuring almost 24″ X 22″, the platform is very well anchored.  The attached ramp also acts as a stabilizer and will help keep the condo from tipping over.  Four corner posts help with stability as well and the multiple tiers offer even more stability to this unit.  It’s important to pay attention to the stability of cat trees.  You need to remember that assorted 15 pound cannonballs will be jumping on it.

There Are A Lot Of Features And Options

You will be amazed at how many different features there are to this cat condo.  Two large condo rooms offer spaces for your pet to snooze in or just hide if they want some privacy.  A ramp at the base lets your pet take a bit of a run up to the second level where they can choose from a room or two other levels.  We all know that cats can never have too many toys and there are three hanging balls for your cat’s amusement.

Besides the two good sized condo rooms there are three well-padded perches for your pet to rest on.  Covered with a plush, cozy fabric, these perches have raised edges so that your cat can either lean on them or use them for support while napping.  Taking good care of your kitten or cat means having an outlet for their scratching and all of the posts are covered with a durable sisal.  Even the most determined scratcher won’t be able to shred this material.


Remember That This Is For Large Cats

While this is an excellent cat condo you do need to keep in mind that it is designed for large cats or multiple smaller cats.  This is a very large unit and will take up floor space.  Four square feet may not sound like a big footprint but in a small room it is.  67″ high means that someone under 5’7″ is shorter than the cat tower.  Weight is also a consideration as this tree weighs in at 65 pounds.  There are attachment pieces that allow you to anchor this to a wall and that is recommended.  You will need to assemble this unit but you have to do that with cat trees of all sizes.

Overall this is a really good tree for large cats or for multiple medium sized cats.  You do pay more for this unit but you get a lot for your dollar, it is a value priced item.  It’s not a good condo for small or older cats, the tiers are far apart and require a lot of jumping and climbing.  However, it is a really good unit for large, active cats that need some entertainment.

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