The Cupets Cat Condo And Scratching Post

Cupets Cat Condo And Scratching Post

The Cupets cat condo and scratching post is one of our favorite moderately priced cat condo units. It’s well built and loaded with features that your pet will really love.  While many cat trees and condos will look similar at first glance, the differences can become more obvious as you look closer.  Finding a good quality cat condo for under $75 can be a challenge, that’s one reason we really like this unit from Cupets.

Why You’ll Love The Cupets Cat Condo And Scratching Post

With any cat tree or condo, stability is the number one issue that needs to be addressed.  There are many good lucking units on the market that aren’t sturdy and have a tendency to topple over, especially if you have more than one cat.  That’s a key reason behind our recommendation of this unit, it is stable and durable.  Even if you have two frisky cats, they will be safe and secure with is this tree.  Every good pet owner wants to take care of their kittens!

This entertaining cat condo has 6 separate levels for playing, resting and sleeping.  That’s plenty to entertain even the frisky cat, there are plenty of options to amuse your pet.  Experienced pet owners know that bored cats can get into some serious mischief and it’s nice to know that it will take a while for your pet to try out every level and hiding place on this tree.

Assembly is easy and the directions are well written.  The website says that you will need 30 minutes to put this unit together but it can be easily done in far less time.  The base is solid and anchors the unit and the posts fit nicely with each level and the associated parts.  The domed condo on the top is a nice feature.  It will keep your pet cozy while they can look over their domain.

Soft, Fuzzy And Comfortable

The Cupets cat condo and scratching post is covered with a soft yet surprising durable flannel.  This unique fabric will stay soft for your pet’s comfort while being tough enough to keep from tearing and shredding.  The scratching posts are covered with a rugged lisle that will let your pet scratch and claw to their heart’s content without doing any damage to the material.

CUPETS Cat Tree Flannelette Cat Climber Pet Condo Furniture Multi-Level Activity Tree with Sisal Scratching Posts Suitable for Cats and Kittens 51 Inches High Beige

Drawbacks To This Cat Condo

While we really like this unit, there are a few things to consider.  At 51″ high it is considered a short cat condo.  Larger cats might do better on a taller and wider unit.  The main condo section’s floor has flannel lining but it is not padded.  Kittens won’t mind but older cats might prefer a bit more padding for comfort.  Some users have reported issues when assembling the unit, but most reviews are favorable when discussing putting the tree together.

Price is really an asset with this cat condo.  Finding a sturdy, durable and good looking cat condo for less than $75 can be a challenge.  This unit is all of those things and usually retails for around $66.  It’s a very good value and will be a good tree for your pet.

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