The Beauty Of Interactive Cat Toys

Interactive cat toys

Have you ever noticed that you kitten is a lot like a child or even a teenager?  It gets bored so easily and that is when the mischief starts.  Your usually well-behaved pet will suddenly start scratching furniture, knocking over items on tables and even try to kill your beloved fish.  What happened, where did this beast come from?  Generally, this beast came from boredom and, like a child, its outlet is now destruction. Don’t panic, your cat is not possessed.  It’s just bored and you can fix that with the right interactive cat toys.

Why Interactive Cat Toys?

A toy that both challenges and amuses your cat does double duty.  It allows them to have some fun and mental stimulation while keeping the little darling out of trouble.  A cat who is stimulated mentally will stay sharper and be less inclined to become destructive when they are bored.  Challenging toys will amuse your pet and hopefully give them enough physical exercise to tire them out.  Sleeping cats never create mischief!

While there are some really creative toys available for cats and kittens you can also use some everyday items that you may have around the house.  We have all seen cats play with string, they love the stuff!  Find some durable string like twine and tie it to a stick or even a kitchen tool like a spatula.  Make a ball out of tin foil and attach that to the string.  Just dangling this simple ball toy in front of your cat will let them pretend to be a predator stalking the evil shiny thing.  You can also fashion a hockey puck out of tin foil and slide it on the floor.  Your cat will jump at the chance to chase and bat the puck around.

No cat has ever had too many balls to play with, at least in their opinion. While it is sometimes a bother to have small balls all over your floor, they do make get cat babysitters.  You can play with the ball and challenge your pet or they can just smack it around themselves, chasing it and pouncing on it.  Low cost, low maintenance and simple to use, balls are great interactive cat toys.

Best Interactive Cat Toys
Thousands Of Cat Toys To Choose From

Walk down the aisles of a pet superstore or even your local supermarket and you will be amazed by the number of cat toys to choose from.  Chew toys, cuddle toys, battery-operated toys that move and hundreds of other toy ideas are on display.  You can easily spend a month’s pay and picking up some adorable cat toys, but you do need to be realistic.  Will your cat actually use a five foot long tunnel?  Where will you even store the thing when you have to put it away?  Does the toy make a lot of noise and can you turn it off?  How many batteries so you need for all of your pet’s toys?  Time to get realistic and remember that you are buying cat toys, not a new car.

Choosing new toys for you pet can be a lot of fun.  You do need to keep a few things in mind before spending a lot of money.  How much room do you have for the new toy?  Some of the interactive toys that roll or move by battery power can go for hours but if you have a really small room it won’t be able to move much.  Toys that have multiple actions are wonderful for challenging you pet.  Some have rotating balls that your cat can try to grab while a butterfly or colorful flag is floating above the toy at the same time.  Other toys will have lights and sounds that will amuse your kitten while others are types of puzzles that require some thought.

While there is no one single perfect cat toy there certainly are some wonderful toys that your pet will love.  Toys will help your pet’s mental and physical well being and as a pet owner, you want both for your cat.