Taking Care Of A Persian Cat

Persian Cats

Do you have a Persian cat? These distinctive pets are beautiful and will almost always get everyone’s attention when they come into a room.

What is a Persian Cat?

So you’re wondering what is a Persian cat? These beautiful felines love attention and can get a little bit overweight, but that’s to be expected. They like to lounge and enjoy attention, but don’t tend to be overly needy. They are also standoffish around strangers. But don’t worry, Persian cats don’t get aggressive – they just like to be around people.

What Is A Persian Cat

Persian cats are susceptible to several health problems, some of which are genetic and caused by their physical attributes. Flat faces and snub noses are the result of selective breeding, while respiratory problems like brachycephalic airway syndrome are caused by narrow airways. Some Persians also develop bacterial infections and dermatitis. But these issues are relatively uncommon and do not need treatment if caught early enough.

You’ll Want To Groom Your Pet Often

Persian cats are gentle and easy to care for. Their long, dense undercoat needs daily brushing. They do not require baths, but do like their fur brushed regularly. Unlike many other cats, Persian cats don’t require bathing, but do require regular brushing. To get their fur looking and feeling great, you can use a brush with a wide toothed comb. A comb with extra large teeth will help detangle and finish the coat.

While Persian cats do have beautiful eyes and features, they do not have problems with allergies like some cats. Despite this, the breed has managed to maintain its distinctive look for the past hundred years. The face of a Persian cat has two distinct types. The Peke-face variety is the type that is usually accepted at cat shows, and is considered healthier than the flat-face variety. Doll-face Persians look just like their ancient counterparts, though they may suffer from breathing issues.

Pet owners know that each cat is special and needs it’s own special treatment.  This cat can make a wonderful pet but you will need to make sure that you have the right pet food.  All natural is good, organic may be better.  Be sure to groom your feline on a regular basis.  Their fur can get tangled if you ignore the brushing that is needed.