The Upscale AnnToo Interactive Rotating Cat Toy

AnnToo Interactive Rotating Cat Toy

What, exactly, is an interactive rotating cat toy? I’m a good pet owner, does my cat really need another toy to amuse itself with?  The AnnToo interactive rotating cat toy is more expensive than most toys, but you may be surprised at how many hours of fun your cat will get out of this unique […]

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The Sercove Soft Carrier For Small Cats

Sercove Soft Carrier For Small Cats

The Sercove Soft Carrier for small cats is an inexpensive tote that is great to use if you have a smaller cat or a kitten.  It’s lightweight and durable, plus it does a great job of protecting your pet while you travel in your car or if you just carry the tote.  It’s TSA acceptable […]

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Catry Cat Tree For Small Cats

Catry Cat Tree For Small Cats

The Catry Cat Tree for small cats is very good, simple cat condo that works well in smaller spaces. This compact cat condo is a very good value and is perfect for small apartments.  Some cat trees, while offering a lot of options, can be quite large pieces of furniture and take up a lot […]

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The PetSafe Scoop Free Self Cleaning Litter Box

PetSafe Scoop Free Self Cleaning Litter Box

The PetSafe scoop free self cleaning litter box is a great way to easily keep your cat’s litter box clean. No one likes cleaning a litter box but if you have a cat, you have a litter box to take care.  This self cleaning unit takes most of the “ick” out of cleaning your pet’s […]

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The Petisfam Pet Carrier For Large Cats

Petisfam Pet Carrier For Large Cats

The Petisfam pet carrier for large cats might be the travel tool that you have been looking for. Large cats need special carriers and you don’t want to sacrifice convenience for your pet’s comfort.  This well made carrier is designed with larger cats in mind and will make traveling less of a hassle.  It’s even […]

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The IMUsee Large Cat Tree

IMUsee Large Cat Tree

The IMUsee large cat tree is a very good multi-level condo for bigger cats. While it is a large piece of furniture, it will do a good job for smaller and bigger cats.  It’s also a great condo for multiple cats to play on, it is large enough to handle three to four cats at […]

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Upsky Cat Toy Roller Review

Upsky Cat Toy Roller

The Upsky cat toy roller is one of the oddest looking yet most popular cat toys to be found on Amazon. Cats and kittens are challenged by the colors and noises offered by this toy and it will amuse your pet to no end.  Experienced pet owners know that a good cat toy needs to […]

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The Pawstory Cat Tree And Tower

Pawstory Cat Tree And Tower

The Pawstory cat tree and tower may be the perfect small cat condo for your pet. While it isn’t very tall, it has a lot of fun features that your kitten will love.  This multi-level cat condo is designed for small to mid-sized cats and will amuse your pet for hours on end.  Climbing on […]

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The Prutapet Large Cat Carrier

Prutapet Large Cat Carrier

Pet owners who have larger cats will love the Prutapet large cat carrier. Perfect for car trips, this durable carrier is made for larger cats.  While the market is full of really good pet carriers, most of the lightweight units are made for one small to medium sized cat.  Larger pets, like cats over 20 […]

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The Rotating Butterfly And Ball Kitten Toy

Rotating Butterfly And Ball Kitten Toy

Why should you pay attention to a rotating butterfly and ball kitten toy? It sounds mindless, but that might be exactly what your cat needs.  Amusing a cat or kitten may sound simple but, as most people know, cats are finicky and operate in their own world.  Having unusual toys that not only amuse them […]

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