Hey Brother Luxury Cat Condo

Hey Brother Cat Condo

This Hey Brother Luxury Cat Condo can be the best cat tree your pet has ever had! Perfect for snoozing, climbing and playing.  You want to be able to give your pet a safe place to lounge while also challenging them and this cat condo is perfect for both of those things.  Bored cats cause problems and a good cat condo or tree can amuse your pet for hours on end.

Why We Like The Hey Brother Cat Condo

Taking care of your new kitten, or watching over your older pet, almost always involves keeping them safe and amusing them at the same time.  Interactive toys are one great way to do this, a challenging cat condo is another.  This five tier tower from Brother is safe, well designed and will offer you cat hours of entertainment.  Plus, it has two comfortable rooms and a hammock for your pet to lounge in and observe the world.

This unit is designed for smaller cats and will fit nicely into small places in any home.  The base is solid and sturdy and anchors the unit.  While most of this tree is covered with a plush, soft fabric there are also three separate scratching areas covered with a sisal fabric.  Even the most determined cat won’t be able to claw through that material.

Cats can access the rooms and hammock on this tree a couple of ways.  They can leap from tier to tier or they can climb the ramp, which is a great feature.  Amusing your cat is important and the ramp by itself will keep your pet active and challenged.  Because the base on this unit is designed to be anti-tipping, even an aggressive leap onto the ramp won’t knock this condo over.

Luxury Cat Condo

Well Priced And Well Made

Any toy or cat tree will suffer from use after a while.  Luckily this is a very well made unit and will be able to stand up to even the most active feline.  The fabric is very durable, the scratching poles are almost indestructible and even the hanging toy is sturdy.  While this particular unit is for smaller cats, there are different size options available for larger cats.

Pricing is always a factor when choosing a cat tree and the Hey Brother Cat Condo is well priced.  It’s a good value for around $75 and will last a long time.

A Few Negatives To Consider

While this is a good cat condo, there are a few things to consider before buying.  You do need to assemble this unit.  Instructions are included but they are not terribly well written.  There are videos available that do a better job of explaining but that requires you to find them.

This is not the best unit for multiple cats at one time.  It will work fine with two small cats but large cats will overwhelm this condo.  The hammock isn’t designed at all for larger cats and older cats may find it a bit too loose.

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