What To Look For When Buying A Cat Condo

Buying A Cat Condo

It’s easy to get carried away when buying a cat condo. There are some really attractive units that you just know your cat will love!  There are elaborate towers and trees that have multiple levels, hammocks and hanging toys for your pet to play with.  Before you spend a lot of money on that new […]

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Cat Trees Versus Cat Condos

Cat Tree Versus Cat Condo

Cat trees versus cat condos may be an argument that doesn’t have to happen. Both offer safe spots for your pet to lounge or play on their own.  Cats love to climb and play on trees and condos, what we call them doesn’t really matter. Cat Trees Versus Cat Condos Cat trees and condos are […]

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The Feandrea Multi Level Cat Tree For Large Cats

Feandrea Multi Level Cat Tree For Large Cats

Large cats will love the Feandrea multi level cat tree and condo. Even the most finicky cat or kitten will be challenged by this great cat condo.  With multiple levels, two rooms and assorted dangling toys, your pet will be constantly amused and satisfied with this great cat tree.  Some smaller trees don’t work well […]

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Catry Cat Tree For Small Cats

Catry Cat Tree For Small Cats

The Catry Cat Tree for small cats is very good, simple cat condo that works well in smaller spaces. This compact cat condo is a very good value and is perfect for small apartments.  Some cat trees, while offering a lot of options, can be quite large pieces of furniture and take up a lot […]

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The IMUsee Large Cat Tree

IMUsee Large Cat Tree

The IMUsee large cat tree is a very good multi-level condo for bigger cats. While it is a large piece of furniture, it will do a good job for smaller and bigger cats.  It’s also a great condo for multiple cats to play on, it is large enough to handle three to four cats at […]

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The Pawstory Cat Tree And Tower

Pawstory Cat Tree And Tower

The Pawstory cat tree and tower may be the perfect small cat condo for your pet. While it isn’t very tall, it has a lot of fun features that your kitten will love.  This multi-level cat condo is designed for small to mid-sized cats and will amuse your pet for hours on end.  Climbing on […]

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The Cupets Cat Condo And Scratching Post

Cupets Cat Condo And Scratching Post

The Cupets cat condo and scratching post is one of our favorite moderately priced cat condo units. It’s well built and loaded with features that your pet will really love.  While many cat trees and condos will look similar at first glance, the differences can become more obvious as you look closer.  Finding a good […]

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We Like The Yaheetech Cat Tree Condo

Yaheetech Cat Tree Condo

We review a lot of cat condos and we really like the Yaheetech Cat Tree Condo. It’s sturdy, it’s very well designed and your cat will love it!  It’s amazing how much use your cat will actually get from this outstanding pet playhouse and  cat tree. Our Review Of The Yaheetch Cat Condo A cat […]

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The Many Advantages Of Cat Trees

Cat Trees

Long time pet owners are aware of the advantages of cat trees. Your cat is always in search of new things and a cat tree can be a great outlet. Advantages of Cat Trees Cat trees are a great addition to any cat’s home. Not only are they a great way to provide your feline […]

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Hey Brother Luxury Cat Condo

Hey Brother Cat Condo

This Hey Brother Luxury Cat Condo can be the best cat tree your pet has ever had! Perfect for snoozing, climbing and playing.  You want to be able to give your pet a safe place to lounge while also challenging them and this cat condo is perfect for both of those things.  Bored cats cause […]

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