Buying A Special Gift For Your Cat

Special Gifts For Your Cat

When it comes to getting a special gift for your cat and kitten, there are customized web sites and shops that sell goods for pets as well as pet lovers. For some looking for a bit of bling, symbolic Swarowsky crystal charms seem to make an excellent present for our pets and cats. Others may go basic with bandannas or collars, but the intention is the same.  You want to show your love by getting a special gift for your cat.

Collars are an obvious choice if you are looking for a special gift for your cat.  They are functional as well as being a fashion accessory.  While some cats absolutely hate wearing a collar, most will adapt to one quite quickly.  The function part is obvious just by looking at it.  A collar allows you at put your pet on a leash if need be and it will also hold your cat’s ID tags.  Even a house cat will need ID tags.

Fashion is important when it comes to collars and some pet owners will use the collar to highlight their cat’s name or attitude.  Tough cats may wear a spike collar while more feminine cats may have a collar with a bow or sparkles.  It’s fun to be creative with a collar and many pet owners have multiple collars for their cats.  While you don’t want a heavy collar with a lot of charms dangling from it to weight down your cat, you might want a unique collar to set your pet apart from others and to reflect their unique nature.

Cat Wearing A Collar

Charms Can Be A Special Gift For Your Cat

While ID tags are important to have, they can be pretty dull.  A shiny piece of metal with the cat’s name and your phone number is functional but not a lot of fun.  Luckily there are a lot of interesting options in cat tags and charms that can turn a routine ID tag into a fun piece of pet jewelry.  When you get a new pet, the first thing you want to do is to make sure someone can contact you if they happen to find your pet.

There are charms and tags that come in different materials like glass, jade, ceramic, pewter and stone.  These look great and are unique in appearance, all while having the critical information needed on an ID tag.  Some are quite polished, others are matted but they all offer a more sophisticated look to your pet’s collar.  Some of the newer materials are also quieter, meaning that there isn’t a rattling noise when your pet is moving around.  That may sound unimportant but sudden noises can wake people who have problems sleeping or even a child who is having trouble falling asleep.

Does your cat need a bunch of glitter and charms?  Maybe not, but it is a lot of fun to spoil your pet with some unique items.  Collars are practical but they don’t need to be boring.  ID tags are necessary but they don’t need to look industrial.  Plus, buying a special gift for your cat can be a lot of fun.  You get to be creative and you get to spoil your pet at the same time!